Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Random post.

Things I like about winter:
  1. Catprints in the snow
  2. Lack of creepy-crawlies.
  3. Those moments when it's completely silent, dark, and snow is slowly drifting toward the ground.

To figure out exactly when the power outages at work occur, I installed Trillian on my work computer and left an SN online. It's.. still there. -_-'

I got cards. Now I just need to write something in them and send them. Err, need stamps too, but that's easy to fix. Not a single one of them are winter holiday themed.. >_> (probably because all the ones that were had "God Jul" written on them) - so, lots of kittens, and some art.

Almost finished watching the first DVD's worth of One Piece episodes. Downloading another batch torrent so I'll have enough to burn the second DVD, so I can continue to delete each episode as I finish it. Am quite infatuated with Zoro.

Still stressed out about the passage of time. The date of departure is approaching swiftly. I'm so glad I have Tuesday off work next week, so I can do things. It's really quite depressing how little time there's left over when one works full time.

Had a long chat with niichan and feel a lot better about going now.

It's been so long since I last bought myself roses, I had forgotten that Odessa loves to eat the green leaves. She just sits next to the vase and chews on them. Kyaaah, she's so cute!

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