Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

evil laptops, weasel coffee, how phil are you?

no matter how much I hate quizzes and memes, sometimes there are amusing ones.

I scored a 62% on the "How Phil Are You?" Quiz! What about you?

er, yeah. Found in the userinfo of a random person I saw while browsing suggestions.

Just as a side note, the friendsfriends page is the best feature of a paid account. My friendsfriends page has mindboggling stuff like WEASEL COFFEE on it.

on another side note, I finally understand what Lazyhound meant when he said he associated the words "problem" and "laptop" in the same sentence with "Dell". This Dell laptop is EVIL. It finally got so messed up, I decided to reinstall windows from scratch again, but when I tried to do that, it bluescreened, and no longer would boot from CD, and won't let me into the BIOS to change the boot order.
But now everything suddenly works again, so there's no need for me to do that.
[Might be one of those deals where it can only access bios from a cold boot - my beloved little brother's IBM laptop did that]

In other news, I am teh procrastinator. While I did actual work at work today, I didn't really get in any research like I had planned to. But that's why I have tomorrow off work. Tomorrow, I'll go buy travel insurance, and figure out whether to take a taxi or go by train and stay overnight, and if so, where.

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