Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

iki, Broccoli Snatcher. XD

Eeeeee! Hayate appeared in a flashback in episode 114! For a whole three seconds! But, eh, it was just a rehash of old animation, and no voice, so I guess I shouldn't act all ecstatic. But episode 114 was great. I loved it.

I had a long entry all thought out in my head on my way home, but downloading the new raw and watching it came first.. anyway.

Today was a good day to be a pedestrian (I need to make myself an LJ icon with the text "hardcore pedestrian" on it).. it had rained all morning, the temperature was nice, very little ice on the roads. Had no trouble getting to work, other than perhaps exhaustion. But I dealt with that.

On my way back, I felt a bit weak/dizzy, and rationalized to myself that I must be lacking iron. Cue internal dialogue.
"How long has it been since you've had red meat?"
"I had a few sausages last month. I'm not a vegetarian, I just don't care much about red meat. And I'll have plenty of chances to eat meat when I'm in Florida."
"Yeah, I guess so.. oh! Broccoli! Broccoli is high in iron, isn't it? We should get broccoli!"
"Yeah! Awesome idea, me."

And so I stopped by Tourus to pick up some broccoli on the way back.. I arrive, and eye the single bouquet of broccoli left. "Broccoli! Mine!" my inner voice says, and I dive toward the broccoli, noticing too late that another customer looks interested in it. Unable to stop my momentum, I snap it up and strike a victory pose, then say "oh. You wanted this?".. uh, I think she got offended or something, because she told me that's the kind of behaviour she'd expect in the middle east (wtf? This is the kind of behaviour you'd expect online, lady. Ever heard of ebay snipers?). But, um, anyway, I'm still offering her the piece, suddenly remembering that I'm passing another store on my way home and can pick up some there. We decide to ask the clerk if this is their last broccoli, and indeed it is. I feel kind of bad and tell the woman that I wasn't completely serious, I like playing around. Should've told her that I was already halfway through "operation: get broccoli" when I noticed I had a rival. I think she may have thought that I had done it on purpose. She asks if I'm really passing another store, as if she doesn't believe me.. Why would I lie about something like that? Does she think I snatch broccoli in front of other people for the kick of it, and not for the broccoli? I tell her that yes, there's that store all the way up along that road..
And as Tourus are out of börek this late, I wander off.

When I get to the other store.. Their broccoli is greener, more lush, and cheaper. ^__^

Sometimes it's as if I'm completely unaware of how to behave in public. That was rude, wasn't it? The idea that it was didn't hit me until I was walking away.. -_-'
But she was too serious. It's perfectly normal to get worked up over broccoli. It is that magnificent a vegetable.

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