Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[LJ stuff] about friendings

princesskraehe said it pretty well in this entry (link found randomly browsing quote communities)

I've seen drama over unfriending (not recently, though), and have become a bit more laid-back about the whole deal.

A friending is two-fold. When I friend someone, it means I find their writing interesting and wish to read their entries (or they're already my friend from elsewhere), and that I want them to be able to read my friendslocked entries. Of course I want to be friended back, but that part is optional. Far be it from me to demand that someone read my stuff.

When I don't friend someone back.. well, that has never happened before until recently. A while ago, walkingblindly came and friended me out of nowhere (well, not exactly nowhere. they came from katamari_damacy), and.. I didn't friend them back. I didn't want this complete stranger to be suddenly able to read my deeply personal entries. But I was determined to give them a fair chance, and read their LJ once in a while. Not the worst I've seen, but still pretty painful to read for someone who cherishes good spelling and grammar. And pretty much no interests in common, so.. that's not the kind of thing I want on my friends page. They unfriended me yesterday, after around three weeks. Not the least bit bothered, vaguely curious what they found interesting about me in the first place, and why they gave up.

Ooo, shiny. meme. If you didn't start a Live Journal for the sole purpose of being an attention-whore and having everyone pity you because of your sob stories, put this in your LJ. (now someone kick me for posting a meme)

Honestly, I don't remember why I got my LJ. Well, I got it because all my friends migrated here from deadjournal, and my friendspage there grew empty.. but I don't remember why I got my DJ in the first place. Looking at my earliest entries there.. I don't know. I guess I wanted to write a journal again. I wrote several books throughout most of my teen years. Doing so online seemed like the natural thing to do. I guess I'm here because I like socializing this way.

Anyway, back to the subject. The other person who added me who I haven't added back, shroomish. Hi. Talk to me, will ya? I'd probably add you back if I got to know you, but as it is, your entries are all in Russian which I can't read a single word of, and babelfish isn't helping all that much. We seem to have a some interests in common. Feel free to comment on my entries and strike up a chat. It's what I'm here for. ^_^

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