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I don't think I always sucked at organizing.

Been handling my time horribly lately. This morning too, got up just before seven and it took me three hours to get ready for work. -_-

I still don't have a plan of how to get to Torp. Not overly worried as I'm pretty sure I could wing it and get away with it, although I can probably get away with a cheaper deal if I do proper research. ::sighs::

Når ble jeg så tiltaksløs?

Heh, it's really unusual for me to think in norwegian, and not be able to translate it.

Found some semi-helpful online dictionaries (I can't believe I don't own a dead tree english<->norwegian dictionary!), but it's a phrase that doesn't translate all that well.

Lacking in drive would be the closest, I guess. When did I lose it?
I know I had it this summer when I fought with all I had to secure our vacation together.

Anyway.. Those of you who are on my friends list, jump back two entries and grab my IP address, get on my FTP and leech some music. Really. I have all this bandwidth, I don't pay anything extra for usage no matter how much I use it, and I'm not uploading anything anyway. It's a sin to waste bandwidth, ne? Treat yourself to something you've never heard of.

Where in my heart abides
this black horse destiny I ride?
Who says strike, or stay thy hand
who is saved, and who is damned?

port 21, generic/stuff or even anonymous.. if it doesn't work, try alternating between active mode and passive mode. I think only one of them work.

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