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[whiny] Is there any feeling worse than being disappointed with oneself?


Knowing that I could do it if I just tried harder doesn't make it any better.
It's not like my fear of telephones is a wall I can't climb. I've done it before. Maa, anyway, it's too late at night now.

I'm sure the trip is going to be hell. I'll be dead tired and still unable to sleep. I'll drift between consciousness and the void while at the airports for changing flights.

To make the trip bearable, I have to sleep the night before the departure. But I bet that even if I shell out the small fortune it takes for a hotel room, I'll be sleepless...

I should bring a boring book..

Locking comments here because no one's invited to this pity party but than myself. =P
I ask you to bear with me a little bit longer, it's just a few more days and I'll be on my way, everything's going to be fine. I've done this before. Just not from Torp. The only time I've flown from Torp before, it was a direct flight, later during the day so I could take a bus there.

FTP is still up, by the way. Hasn't been used much. Don't be shy, people.

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