Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

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brief update

ugh, web update form - I can't really justify downloading a client to this crappy IBM Aptiva Antique my mom has. Especially since this abomination runs windows 98.

Anyway, found Odessa, grabbed her and my stuff, caught the train and arrived at Årnes a bit after eight this evening. She cried the whole way, loudly. Lots of people thought she was cute, but this did not seem to concern her. So anyway, my mom picked me up at the station, got to her house, where the cat decided to disappear. It took quite some time to find her, but I eventually did.

Then she went exploring. She seems more at ease now. It's quite late and I am tired, so I'll be heading to bed in a moment. Then back to Oslo to furious packing tomorrow.
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