Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Back home for now.

Feels so weird to not have Odessa around. I hope she's going to be okay.. I almost started crying when I had to leave her. But this is the best solution for her, short of me not going.

Need to pack, dammit. Haven't even started. I'm hopeless.. no, not hopeless. Doubtful, but not hopeless. *cough* And I sprout lyrics.

Anyway.. niichan just made me aware of just how many hits my site actually gets.. so far this month, an average of eleven visits a day. Real visits, not just hits. Wow. Makes me feel very guilty for not updating more often.. Need a guestbook.. debating whether to put my blog on the site or not. Probably won't, since the average visitor doesn't need to know stuff about my personal life.. but I should post updates, and let people comment.. and update more.

There are a lot of things I've started that I've left unfinished. So I've decided that my motto for next year is going to be "Don't be afraid to try harder."

Rode with my mom to church where I just sat reading my book.. covered several chapters, only one left. I'll be able to finish the book before I leave after all. Lots of people who remembered me and told me they have missed me (but have made no effort to contact me of course, what they really mean is that they've missed me in church). Maa.. at least they're not treating me as the apostate ringleader of my mom's brood. They aren't bad people at all, but their religion is poison.

Then after church was over, we continued on to my dad's place, where we picked up my two youngest siblings, then we drove onwards to my home.

and I can't call my family right now, as the rats chewed into the phone cord. I'll have to call my mom's cell phone, which costs.. My phone company gives me a fixed (and rather low) price on calls to normal phones, so no matter how long I stay on line, I only pay.. 1 krone and 59 øre. Quite convenient.

mwahaha. Called for a bit and hung up before they answered, prompting my little brother to call me back. So yeah, Odessa is doing okay, but is naturally a bit uneasy. Wonders where I am.. and wants to go outside too, I'm sure.

A bit funny when we arrived at mom's house yesterday.. they have two pet rats. Krellian (albino female) was loose, mom picked her up to put in the cage. I held Odessa, and Krellian kept trying to go over to Odessa and sniff her. Odessa was too uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings to be in a predatory mood, didn't snap at her or anything. Then when Odessa got close to Hovland (gray and white female), that rat had a far more reasonable reaction; she quickly ran back inside the cage. I think I know which one of them has a brain. ^__^

I need to pack, dammit.

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