Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Still alive

Florida traffic scares me. Just realized the other day that I could die here. Hopefully we won't both die, so one of us will be here to let all of you know what happened.

Other than dodging cars when trying to go anywhere, I'm having a great time so far. Giftmas loot so far: A sweater and a t-shirt from aetherspoon's grandparents, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Hardcover edition) and a 208-cd case from aetherspoon's parents, a Gameboy Advance from aetherspoon, and some scented candles from aetherspoon's uncle and aunt. Everyone's giving me stuff, and I haven't gotten anyone anything yet. :/

It hasn't been a real issue yet, but I feel like I'm being a burden to people. I've barely spent any money at all, and it's not like these people have all that much more than I do. And here I am, trying to pool my resources enough to buy myself a digital camera. I've been on this ego-trip since right after the summer vacation.. will need to get off it soon.

We spent much of today at niichan's uncle and aunt's place. They have a very nice home.. spaceous rooms, big-ass flat screen TV, pool.. expensive presents for the kids.. whole different world than what I've ever known. I felt a bit out of my league, but I managed.

(niichan tells me they are nowhere near rich, they're the standard american family who puts everything on credit and spend however long to pay it off. And they spoil their kids)

Oh yes, and I also got a couple of presents before I left on this vacation, from my two youngest siblings. Had to open them before I was going, since bringing packages with unknown content to another country is a big no no with the airlines.. Sigmund gave me a cookbook with Chinese recipes. Looked to be something I could use, as far as cookbooks go. Sigrid gave me sexy underwear. XD

Anyway.. on the way here, I wrote about a dozen pages in a large notebook, as a sort of travel journal.. with the intent of typing it all up and posting here. It's too much to type in one go, and I'm still not quite used to niichan's keyboard yet (mostly I keep hitting Return when I want to hit apostrophe), but here's the first part.

Travel Journal

Monday, December the 20th. Evening.

I left home with some time to spare. Had I not, I may not have made it. Events conspired against me from the very beginning. Arrived at the subway station to a message over the speakers telling of great calamity in the subway system, no trains were running through the centre of time. [Yes, that's what I wrote. Should be town. obviously.] I waited for around fifteen minutes (the interval between each train normally), but none came. Cursed the fact that I had just purchased a new multi-pass (150,-). Hailed a cab. It cost me 158,- to get to the station.. got there in good time. Located the platform my train was departing from, stopped by a pharmacy to pick up stuff I had forgotten or neglected to pack: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shower oil and a box of kleenexes. 188,50 kroner. Bought some horribly overpriced Farris, 40 kroner for two 1/2 liter bottles.

Money spent so far: 536,50. Egads.

The train just left. Thankfully with me on board.

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