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blaaa and stuff

I've been having these nasty pains the last few days.. might be my kidneys or something, dunno. Right side is worse than the left. Wasn't so bad earlier today, and not as bad now as it was yesterday, just wanted to mention it before I get to the point where I forget when it started. The only thing that has had a positive effect on it so far has been sex. After the last session, the pain was almost completely gone. Then it's just been gradually returning since then. Niichan complains about me wearing him out. Will shop for alternate, battery-operated sources of relief as soon as possible.

Stuff I noted before but didn't remember to write down.. The christmas tree here is quite unhappy. I had never seen that unhappy a christmas tree before, until we visited niichan's aunt and uncle. Their tree was miserable.

The kitty is extremely cute. It is very fun to play with her, or watch her play. Dusty is adorable too, but not very cute when she slobbers all over me, or the kitty. Ugh, dog slobber.

Ordered my digital camera online yesterday. I had resigned myself to the fact that practically all digital cameras have inane names these days, usually consisting of two of the following words stuck together.. power, easy, cyber, cool, fine, shot, pix, share and smart. Settled for Nikon's Coolpix 3200, since it runs off AA batteries, so I don't have to get a converter to recharge it at home. Also getting a memory card reader and a 256MB card.

Went clothes shopping today.. it was hard to find what I was looking for, ended up mostly buying other clothes instead. I didn't get a single pair of shorts, but several shirts.

I don't really read my friends of friends page much anymore, I just glance over it and read a few entries from familiar names. Or if I see a new name, I might try to guess whose friend they are. I'm also commenting less on my friends page, I attribute this to having stuff to do other than on the internet. ^_^

I was actually cold last night.. it got as low as 8ºC >_>

Travel Journal (still Dec. 20th, on the train)

Just past Asker. Realized that I have forgotten my alarm clock. My only clock now is the unreliable one in Daisuke. No alarm function. I'll have to rely on the hotel.

It's pretty cool... I'm going to stay at a hotel. First time ever.. and first time renting a room alone. I wonder what it will be like.

I burned a DVD of anime for Kolya. Not sure if I'll have an opportunity to mail it before leaving the country [I didn't, and still haven't - waiting to buy a mouse first]. I imagine all post offices must be closed by now, and will not open until after my flight leaves tomorrow morning.

Drammen. I recognize the town even at night. The thought "I have never done this before" instills some anxiety in me. Silly.

I miss my friends. I wonder if they are thinking of me. I know niichan is. Didn't even get a full exchange before I left, he commented on my entry where I said I was leaving in minutes, and posted an entry of his own that he had arrived, but was still setting up SSL. But at least he knows that I know he safely arrived.
I should not be this nervous.

(new page)

Should be arriving in around twenty minutes. Hungry now. Should've finished off the tofu before leaving, even thought I wasn't hungry then. Shimatta. I forgot the swedish mint krokan chocolate. Oh well.
Have read the first two chapters of "Eve's Rib" so far. Looks promising.

- - -

At the hotel. Daisuke says it is just past 23:00, so I guess it is a bit earlier. I forgot to synchronize him.

Anyway.. Arrived to Sandefjord railway station to a light snowfall. Wandered about a bit, saw no buses or taxis, but there was a taxi station, wrote down the number, called and ordered a cab, only noticing after the call that I hadn't been nervous at all. Got to the hotel, checked in, dropped my baggage, went down to the reception and asked to be woken at 4:00 and for a taxi at five. And breakfast. Etoh.. I don't know if I'll have an opportunity to mail the card and DVD to Kolya before leaving the country. Maybe I can mail it from the airport in Amsterdam?
There was an internet terminal in the reception of the hotel, skipped online a bit to read my comments and post about being here. Got a baguette with shrimps and a cup of Lipton Tchaé citrus. =58 kroner. 42 for the food, 16 for the tea. Not like I had any other choices.

(new page)

I'm glad that I got the dental hygiene products on the way here. I really needed that floss and brush. Going to bed now.
Must remember to recharge Daisuke... Might as well do it now. I'll only be out for less than five hours, I don't think that constitutes leaving him plugged in for too long.

Blah, my back/kidneys did not like me sitting here typing all of that up. Anyway, more later.

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