Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Retail Therapy!

Spent a lot of money today. ^_^

First we went to a nearby "Adult" store that looked really creepy from the outside, but on the inside was not very different from the sex toy store back home, only with porn as well. I got three different toys and some lube. >_>

Went back home briefly, then took a bus to some mall, where I spent a lot more money.. I got lots of nifty stuff that will be presents for the people back home, a GBA Link cable, the Straylight Run CD, two pairs of sneakers, and Front Mission 4 as a giftmas present to niichan.

On the bus ride home, we sat towards the back of the bus.. the vibrations from the engine made for a very pleasant ride. ^__^

Couldn't find FFTA or a suitable mouse. May resort to ordering one online.. Delivery time isn't much of an issue, my digicam and memory card reader arrived today (still waiting on the memory card).

darth_blade: which of these would you prefer? This, this or this? (or something else? Those are the ones with back/forward buttons on the left side)

I have about a hundred dollars left of my spending money, and I could always dip into my reserves if I need more before the next time I get paid, which is in a week.

I should probably write all those cards now. ^_^;
Winter and snow are the furthest things from my mind, it will be tough when I go back home.

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