Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

New Year's Resolution

Yes, I do have one. I'm going to read more books. Minimum of one a month, hopefully more, but there's no point in setting unreasonably hard rules for myself.

I did read a book this month.. started on the train ride to Sandefjord on the 20th, finished last night (after not touching it for most of my time here).

It really hasn't sunk in that it's New Year's Eve. Just.. no. NYE means winter, darkness, cold and excessive fireworks. (Though I have been assured there'll be plenty of the latter here)

Not quite midnight yet in my home time zone, but it's been tomorrow in Australia for quite some time now, so Happy birthday Helena!

Seth and Sean should be arriving soon, so I'll be even less at the computer than normal.
Oh, and Dusty just ate one of the cat toys. -_-'


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