Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Well crap.

Everything else is going great, so it's a given that something must be going wrong.

Odessa has disappeared. They (my family) think she disappeared the day before new year's eve, as she didn't wake up people at night after that day.

She has a microchip, but no tattoo. She is very shy, particularly towards strangers. Probably trying to make her way home. It's a bit over half an hour by car, so I wouldn't be too surprised if she made it, but.. I won't be there to meet her. I won't be back until the 12th.

And my family didn't tell me this. I just found out when I IMed my sister to wish her a happy new year and ask how Odessa was doing. They've known she was gone for four days, and not a word. I know I've barely been on any IM, but this is what email is for.
They reported her missing today.

Oh, and I specifically told my mom to take pictures of her before letting her outside (mom has a digital camera) so that in the case of her disappearance, they could put up missing posters. But she didn't do that. Going to have to do with the pictures taken this summer, (link here) which aren't that great.

Although I'm a bit upset that they didn't tell me, I'm sort of glad they didn't right away.. I would not have been able to enjoy the past few days as much if I had to worry about her.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were great. I'm so glad I got to meet Seth and Sean again.. after leaving the US last year, the uncertainty of whether or not I would ever see them again bothered me. But at least Seth is on IRC daily. And I might meet them again.

Thanks to rek, I got to play Katamari Damacy. I've said it before, but I will reiterate: I need that game. NEED! I got to the point where I could roll up people. Pure therapy. Rek also gave me FFTA. ^_^

We also had a lot of fun playing Munchkin (card game). I really need to get that game for myself.. my family and their friends will love it.

I wonder how much longer they would've waited to tell me about Odessa's disappearance if I hadn't contacted them first. Had this weird dream tonight with Odessa in it, so I had to ask. Shiny was in the dream too, and I remember introducing him as "Shiny Lord Nikon the Ninth" as if he was some kind of royalty. People were impressed. XD

Going to immerse myself in Daggerfall for a while now.

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