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Ignore what I said about being miserable earlier.

Now I'm miserable.

Niichan's mom took me to a clinic, I was briefly examined and given antibiotics. It's going to be hell to get it reimbursed from my insurance company, but I'll worry about that later. Now I just want to get well enough to fly home on the 11th. Having to change flights due to medical reasons would be worse than this. Physical pain I can endure. The pain, while bad, isn't the reason I am crying. I'm crying because I am scared, I don't know what will happen. And I'm crying because this is something that an adult should be able to handle by herself, in my mind. Thankfully I have people here who make sure to take good care of me. So I'm probably going to be okay. Eventually. But it does make me feel like a failure.

Still no word from home on anything.
Going to bed now.

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