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Doing better, I think.

Been sleeping on and off much of this morning. I think the drugs are starting to work, the pain is barely present, and the swelling has lessened a little. Two Ibuprofen removed the pain earlier, and it didn't really return after the drug supposedly wore off. I think I'm going to be okay for the return flight at this rate.

But because of my weakened state earlier, we didn't go to the post office. Sunlight drains my energy. We'd need to get a ride to the post office. Oh well, it's closed again now. Perhaps tomorrow, but I've been saying that ever since the mouse arrived here. -_-' [edit: we have a ride to the post office tomorrow afternoon]

So that's how it is.. pain is quite manageable, and I'm fully conscious (unlike earlier today)..

Watched some anime, and got a bit of Daggerfall progress in. Doubtful that we'll finish the game this vacation. Would have made it if we didn't spend days getting it to actually run first. ^_^;

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