Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Picking up the pieces of the life I left behind

Things that suck about coming back:

  • Jan. He's still here, the toilet is dirty, the stovetop was covered with a layer of grease, and he drank all my juice again.
  • My monitor being unable to display resolutions higher than 1024x768 properly.
  • Three-button mouse. Wow, I got used to the back/forward thumb buttons fast. I guess I'll be buying a new mouse soon.
  • The fact that Odessa isn't here.

Good things about coming back:

  • Lorelai makes far less noise than Omega.
  • I have bandwidth.
  • I can output video to my 32" TV
  • I can make real tea whenever I want to, and I have more than one flavor. Far more than one. ^__^

It'll probably be over a year until I see niichan again. From now on I'll concentrate my money on computer hardware.. I really do need my next computer.

But what am I going to do for an OS? I don't particularly want to pirate one, nor do I wish to pay Microsoft another fortune.. I suppose I could use some version of Linux, but.. I like the programs I am using today. I'd need to find a non-ugly IRC client, image editing (I don't like gimp).. At least I know what I'd use for web browsing, email and office suite. Shouldn't be hard to find an LJ client either. But I have no idea about video and audio players.. And would I be able to transfer files to and from my mp3 player?

This is the case I am considering. It's green, relatively cheap, and already has a power supply.

(Also keep in mind that this computer isn't meant to be ultimate - it's just meant to be better than what I have today, and I need it as soon as possible.)

Maybe some day I can afford to pick out the best parts, including a custom paint job on the case, and lovingly craft it from scratch. Make no mistake, I will pour my love into this one too, but I can't consider it made by myself if I'm not the one to attach the CPU/fan to the motherboard. =P And it's used.

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