Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Was awakened by the phone ringing. Charity is still unwanted solicitation (in other words spam), and I reserved my number from both types of calls when I did that, oh, almost a year ago. But I was too dazed to even tell the guy that.

I hate refusing to aid people in need, thus I don't want to be asked. I still donate to charities sometimes, I just hate being forced to say yes or no.

And I hate being called by someone who is neither family nor friend. The reason I have a phone is to communicate with people I care to have communication with, and in the unlikely event of my DSL being down, inform my ISP of the issue. It is not an invitation to companies to solicit my business.

And then a cat peeked its head through my still broken (You didn't really think Jan would fix it like he promised, did you?) ventilation hatch. But it was not Odessa.

Instead I was visited by this charming young man, who at first seemed shy that there were someone in the room, but at not being chased away, entered and ate a few pieces of cat food. I was reminded of how hard it is to take good pictures of cats.


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