Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[site update]

whee, I was on a roll today. Added fourteen characters to the list.. Kouji, Futaba, Matsuri, Hibari (classmates of Konohamaru, episode 56), Kazekage, Genma, the original ino-shika-chou trio, the sound four, and skipping everything in between to the present to add Kimimaro (temporary image from the manga as there hasn't been a clear shot of his face in the anime yet)

Also added the rest of the special jounin profiles - planning on adding more content later, and though I spent a good deal of time checking which episodes each character appeared in, there's still more work to be done.

During this work though, I noticed something interesting. Raidou is absent from the funeral in episode 80.
I suppose he was hospitalized. Or he could have been standing right next to Genma where the camera cut off, but.. they showed a lot of characters there. Even Tonbo. I don't see how they could forget to draw Raidou when they remembered extremely minor characters whose names are not widely known.

My dad, my aniki and my mother all remembered to call me for my birthday (so I got to talk to my two youngest siblings too).. that makes just one family member who didn't call me. Awesome.
Put in an ad on, a site for missing and found cats in Norway. Though I doubt she'd let anyone near her, just a report that she has been spotted somewhere could be extremely helpful.

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