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Back to work..

Meh. Wish I could have slept more.

At least I managed to have tea and breakfast this morning. I made ginger and oregano bread last night. It was a bit dense, but still soft, and the taste was subtle and pleasing. But it was a lot better when it was still hot.

Another thing that sucks about being back in Winterland: now my skin gets dry after showering again. I didn't have that problem in Florida.

Spent a couple of minutes in the middle of the night searching for my wool blanket, until I remembered that I had left it at my mom's place because Odessa loves that blanket. Didn't see it while I was there, and had totally forgotten about it.

But we seem to have consistent above-freezing temperatures. I'll survive.
Naturally near broke, as next payday is the day after tomorrow. I think I'll buy myself flowers again. Maybe tulips this time, since I never buy tulips because they are poisonous, and Odessa would inevitably eat any plant I brought into my room.

But for now, it's time to go.

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