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Hooked up Ao-chan and loaded my Daggerfall save I hadn't touched for a few months.
My character, Izumi, was a level 4 female Wood Elf Healer. The Healer is supposedly one of the harder classes to play as. Compared to the overpowered custom class most people play, they sure are.

No tons of HP each levelup - just 8 I think. 4 is the lowest max, but I don't think any of the standard classes go that low. 30 is the highest possible, and while I don't think any are that high (except the custom ones mentioned), Barbarian does have a lot of HP.
No plate armor - only leather and chain allowed, so I can just forget about collecting armor pieces after I have a full suit of Chain. Which I have.
No Long Blade, Axes, or Bows
The only advantages the class has is Rapid Healing (a.k.a "yay, I only have to sleep six hours to recover instead of eight" which is mostly pointless) and 1.75xINT in magicka. Which isn't that much. Most of these custom wonder classes have the maximum 3xINT magicka.
Oh, and I can't use the two larger types of shields either.

As far as I remember, Wood Elves have no special powers (the Custom Wonder is usually a High Elf, as they are immune to paralysis, so they can score extra bonus point by choosing the disadvantage "critical weakness: paralysis" and still retain their immunity). Since I'm a standard class, I don't have anything like that.

So why would anyone want to play a character like that?
Because it's no fun to say "I beat the game on Easy Mode"

Anyway, I loaded my game, finished the errand I was on, went to Wayrest and did Princess Morgiah's quest, then proceeded to visit every Mages' Guild in the province of Mournoth, noting down any items of interest. I also looked out for stores I could get good prices at, found two armor stores and a general store, but no pawn shop. Anyway, did a lot of selling, my mercantile skill increased several times, which made me level up as mercantile is a primary skill for the Healer class. So yay, level 5 now.

And that's all I did today. No anime, no food (oops, forgot). A few cups of tea, though. And ice cream.
Eeep, almost midnight.

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