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Yay, stuff.

Woke up to Banshee beeping instead of playing music this morning. Maybe I had moved the mp3 files it was set to play? Anyhow, I got up, and read LJ for about twenty minutes. Then I showered.

Got paid today. Paid back more of what I owe my dad.

Then I battled my insecurity for several minutes, won, and talked to Helena until I had to go to work. It was fun.. I should talk to people more often.

Got to work just before my boss got here. ^_^

And I received the motherboard/CPU, and my present. Money! 1000 kroner!
I could spend the money on completely erasing the rest of my debt, but.. Case for the motherboard. Definitely a case.

So, the motherboard: Aopen AX4BS Pro

Uses PC133 SDRAM, so I don't have to buy more ram. I might do that anyway, since I don't want to steal Lorelai's, and Secunda only has one 128MB chip.

But that will have to wait. I just ordered a bunch of goodies (case, mouse, hard drive), spending a bit more than I should, but with the lovely cash my boss gave me for my present, I'm set for food until next payday. I'll be fine.

Oh yes, and I also got the old video card. Judging by what's written on it, 32MB. Has a fan, but only support for one monitor. TV-out. It'll do nicely for now.

Both the mobo/CPU and the Vcard will need a serious dusting. XD

Work-wise, I've been stuck in the Auditorium for the past hour and a half, helping people with whatever problems arise. Finally get to have my lunch break and tea.

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