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I feel like I just came back from work.. Okay, walking the whole way is partially to blame. I was running late this morning, so I took the bus to save time. Somehow I find it easier to walk in the morning than in the afternoon. Might be because of the light, but probably that I'm already tired when I head home.
Especially today. I always get tired when I do anything in the Auditorium.. I think the temperature is set a bit high, or the 15+ computers generate a lot of heat.. I always start sweating, even when doing completely non-physical work. O_o

Anyway, food shopping on the way home, cooked a simple but not too bland dinner, watched episodes 62 and 63 of One Piece, wound down. Now I feel like maybe playing Daggerfall for a couple of hours, while enjoying the pot of tea I just brewed up.
But it's already an hour and a half past my regular* bedtime. I need more free time.

I even forgot to watch the latest Naruto raw. Tempted to get up extra early tomorrow morning and do it then. -_-'

* well it used to be regular.. a few months ago.

In other news, I spent over 2000 kroner today. The vast majority of it on computer hardware, but some in the LJ store.. got myself extra userpic space at last. But I haven't really uploaded that many icons.. mostly stuff I previously deleted to upload new stuff. I wonder how long until 50 will feel cramped.

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