Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


Can't sleep. Going to be so wasted tomorrow. I might even have to (gasp) put sugar in my tea.

And now I'm just being silly.

Want my parts to arrive so I can begin constructing my lovely.. who still needs a name. And a gender. >_> (my current computers are a she, an it, and a she, respectively)

I always thought I'd build a green computer, and name her Midori.. But that's too plain. And it brings associations to stupid anime characters.

Probably.. Matsuri. She'll be a mix of old and new parts from here and there, so "festival" is a good name. And written with alternate kanji, matsuri means jasmine flower. Jasmine is one of my favorite teas.

Then again I have a lot of favorite teas.

But at least it fits with the nifty green case.

I think I need mounting screws. Those things you screw to the case, then attach the motherboard to. From when I built Lorelai, nearly four years ago, I seem to remember them coming with the motherboard, not the case.
That would really suck, having everything needed to build a computer except the screws to attach the mobo to the case.

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