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Note to self:

If you are running so late it's close to lunch hour, don't bother coming to work. There'll be a throng of people smoking right outside the entrance, where it clearly says "smoke free zone".

People's inability to follow simple instructions never ceases to amaze me, although this variety of it has long since. People think that "outdoors" means it's okay to light up whenever. It's not okay when you are crowding the entrance to a building where severely allergic people may be working.

Well, that was over three hours ago. It's quiet here now.. I tried out Sveta Portable Audio (30-day free trial).. It was nice, but lacked important features, so it can't replace the bloated piece of crap Playcenter is. I'd use it in addition, but if I am to pay for something, I'd like it to be better than the free thing on just about every point. I can't even create playlists or sort by album. But it did let me sort by bitrate, which I've been missing from Playcenter. Now I can locate those albums I ripped at 320kbps and re-rip them at half the size easily.

Bored, but it's a bit early to leave. At least I have a book I can read..

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