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Ah, Daggerfall, my source of sanity.

Having Jan here is just so stressful. When I came back from work today, I found my milk carton (which had about a glass of milk left in it) empty and in the trash bin. And I swear he stole from my cheese too, I don't cut it that uneven. The cheese was in a BOX, not just left in the original packaging. Clearly mine. Besides, his mother has been gone for months, he can't use the excuse of believing it was hers (like he has done several times). Thief, that's what he is. He knows it's mine.

I'm sick and tired of him stealing my things. Do I have to start keeping meticulous logs of what food I have in the kitchen so I have solid evidence against him?
I can't wait for his mother to return, because then he'll be out of here in no time.

I really don't know what to do about it. I know he'll get defensive and/or try to trivialize it if I confront him about it. But I have to wonder if my passiveness and avoidance makes he think he can just walk all over me and eat my food. I do have a spine, I just never show it to anyone.
It's not that he steals a lot, but I'm being stolen from in my own home. How am I supposed to feel any safe here? I'm almost considering moving if Odessa doesn't return. But that's just wrong. I'm the one who lives here, not he. I'm the one paying rent. He's just here because his mother isn't. Watching TV until after 1 AM every night.. sabotaging my sleep.

So to relieve my stress, I switched the mouse and monitor over to Ao-chan to play Daggerfall.Two and a half hours passed while I played.. Leveled up once, did a couple of Guild quests, explored a bit.

Maybe I should buy another monitor cable so I can keep it attached to the back of Ao-chan so I don't have to fumble at the back each time. It's so easy to put in the USB mouse into the USB -> PS/2 converter. ^_^

No update on the tracking page since around eight this morning.. I'll be annoyed if I don't get my stuff tomorrow.

And it's past midnight again. Whee.

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