Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking


First test run successful. She's a P4 1.7GHz.

Now to put an OS on her.. Trying to download freedos, but it's a bit slow..

There, have the boot CD. Now to try to install it.. (which means switching keyboard and monitor over to Matsuri)

Found by chance while more or less randomly browsing someone's LJ:

zorah is not allowed to sell tickets to the vagina monologues on campus (or to advertise in any way) because a part of the money goes to a fund to pay for abortions for victims of rape and domestic abuse. Her solution? She's not forbidden to give away the tickets. A donation of $8 gets a student a free ticket, and more importantly (to me anyway, heh), laughs in the face of the man.

The someone's LJ I found the link in is actually on my friends of friends page, but it was posted on Jan. 12th, when I was just coming home from the US, so I must have missed it. Since I didn't see it on my friendspage, I'm passing the word along.

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