Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

[Daggerfall] and stuff.

Was finally promoted to Enchanter in the Mages' Guild, and of course my first (several) magical items are ones that increase important skills such as Restoration, Mysticism, and Mercantile. So now I'm guaranteed another promotion in a month, and I make more money on buying and selling. XD
Still need to up my skills for other schools of magic, particularly the ones that govern protective spells. Izumi's defense is very weak.

Easily got CD-rom support to work under FreeDOS; when I went to add the appropriate line to config.sys, I saw it was already there, only commented out. After removing the offending semicolon, it worked..

..although, as I would realize after a while, incredibly slowly. I am not exaggerating when I say "installing Daggerfall will take all day".. in fact, after my latest calculations, it seems it may take over 24 hours. Yeah. Something's not right. But it's reading the CD-rom without errors. Just.. unbearably slow.

I know it's not the drive itself, it didn't pull this crap while installing FreeDOS, or while installing Ubuntu. It's only in FreeDOS it has done this. Anyway, even if I don't fix the issue, Daggerfall should be quite playable as the only files that are ever accessed from the CD-rom are the video files, and there are only a few in-game ones (becoming a vampire, becoming a werewolf, talking to the ghost of King Lysandus), the intro, and dying. And there is a no-CD patch which I intend to use.

And so, the weekend nears the end. Over too quickly, but it didn't feel like a waste this time. I built Matsuri, played Daggerfall, read several chapters in my book, and watched more anime. Both accomplishment and relaxation. I often end up having to sacrifice one for the other. It's been a good weekend, but it didn't make me happy, because I am alone.

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