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I think I've had too much Sencha lately. I just took a sip of my Moon Palace and went "What the? This isn't Sencha!".. had already forgotten which tea I made. -_-

I should arrange to have someone put me through a blind test of some of my teas and see how many I can identify. Will inquire younger siblings if they want to visit me this weekend.

My green tea icon sucks. Going to re-do it (probably from a different photo) some time.. bad lighting.

Temporarily new default icon (here) from a photo I took of a random cat I saw on my way back from work today.

Darkness + flash + too much distance to kitty = fun, but not a very good picture. ^_^; (I tweaked the brightness/contrast to make it better)

Discovered there was a syndicated feed for spamusement. This saves me remembering to check back at the site. Yay.

Oh yes, and I got a note in the mail about my package (that I picked up on Friday, before I got the email notify) having arrived. Go snailmail!

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