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Quiet day at work so far.

Time to bring out those pancaked laptops and tinker with them, I guess. At least then I won't feel guilty for not doing anything..

..not that I really feel guilty about that. It's not like I'm getting paid for this job.

Let me try to explain.. I'm basically doing unpaid work, but I get paid by aetat, the government-run employment agency. Every two weeks, I submit an electronic report card where I tell them I've done zero hours of paid work, no absence due to illness, no absence due to other reasons, and they pay me. If I do paid work, it'd be subtracted from the sum they give me, and a certain amount of paid work would make me lose my support altogether. That's supposed to be the goal, naturally.. But that means I'd need to find a job that pays enough.. see, they don't care how much my hourly pay is, just how many hours of paid work I do.. yeah.

Thinking up good questions to ask people for the interview meme is tougher than I expected it to be. Have patience, I'll get around to it. If you haven't answered it yet, you are still welcome to.

Month is drawing close to the end.. and I still have the last 2/5ths of the book left to read, but that shouldn't be a problem.
My little brother's birthday is on the 31st of January.. he turns.. 16? I still can't get over the fact that my sister is 18 now. Anyway, I need to get my bro a present.. a cheap but not cheapo one. I gave him a slinky for giftmas. :P

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