Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

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I'm exhausted.

And I know why. It's past midnight.

I just totally lose track of time.. far too often.

And what did I accomplish today? Lots. I successfully raided the attic, and now can see a remarkably large portion of my floor. But that is in part thanks to the fact that my bed is covered with stuff. *groan*

I talked to people - I posted fifteen LJ comments today (today counted as the 24 hours of January 28th at my time zone), received five comments in my blog, and twelve replies to comments I had posted outside my own blog.

At work, I finished the laptop of DOOM!, as well as the other laptop. Posted about it in nagamori. Also got in some more reading, down to a bit under 1/4th left of the book. I'm so finishing this before the end of the month.

I still miss Odessa a lot - dreamt about losing her last night, too.. I hope she makes it.

Goodnight, people.

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