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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.

But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.

Astral Viking
Emergency contact info post - I've been on LJ long enough to have seen people just disappear. People whose legal names I have never known. I have no way of knowing if they are even alive; I never want to have that happen to me. If it does, this is where you start looking. Rest assured that I have no intention of ever going away, but if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, you wouldn't hear about it - but my family would. Not updating my LJ for over a month/half a year isn't that unusual. Sometimes I also take a long time in responding to messages. So don't go worrying about me for no reason, okay? Just, if I disappear completely, no twitter, not on IRC, not answering phone - worry.

- - -

oh dear, this page is so out of date. I've removed some outdated parts but I will probably not get around for a full rewrite anytime soon -April 2014

Elsewhere on the internet:
IRC, always.
Twitter: @Kriatyrr, checked frequently
Tumblr: kriatyrr, checked several times a day
Facebook: Deactivated since February. No plans to reactivate.
Ravelry: Kriatyrr
Instagram: Kriatyrr, haven't used it for months.
Probably one or two more that I've forgotten.

I'm an introvert.
Making new friends is very difficult for me, but I am interested. It's just so much work... I am terrible at remembering names and faces, and I often feel like I have reached my capacity for how many people I can know. Maybe if I get a few more friends, I'll forget old ones? There are people on my LJ friends list who I don't remember who they were. This troubles me. So many accounts collecting dust for years.

Anyone is welcome to read and comment; that is why my journal is (mostly) public.

Friending policy:
If I friended you, of course I want you to friend me back, but honestly, I think that "Add me and I'll add you back" thing is stupid. If I added you, it means I want to read your entries, and I trust you to read my locked posts, or at least some of them. If you aren't comfortable with me reading your locked posts, simply don't friend me. I'm okay with that. I don't automatically friend back people who friend me, so if it's important to you that I friend you back, comment and maybe we can work something out.

I like getting to know people before I friend them first. If I comment in your blog sometimes, but haven't friended you, it doesn't mean I don't like you. I generally don't comment in the blogs of people I don't like.

I like getting comments.

My contact information is here (filtered entry, only people I've known for a while have access)

I am on Shishkabob Where are you? (formerly Filetmignon, Ribeye, subcluster 2, Indigo, subcluster 2)
And that sucks, because I don't want to be on a meat cluster. I demand to be put on a vegetarian cluster! Come on, you have a cluster named Soybean! (no, I am not a vegetarian, I just don't think any of the meat-named servers have good names. I'd be okay with Sashimi.)

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Full list of colorbars and other things that used to be here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kriatyrr/137900.html